Business Areas

About Business

  • Product Engineering + Design

    We are actively conducting R&D activities in relation to engineering of digital & ioT electronic products on the basis of technology accumulated through the research and development of digital and analog oscilloscopes which are universal precision instruments.

    Based on our expertise in AC & DC digital electronic products and ioT Devices, we carry out the overall process of product design and designing (circuit design, major parts development, equipment design, mass production verification, etc.).

    MCU-based circuit design and improvement, highly competitive peripheral circuit components adoption, and PCB Artwork are available. As a manufacturer of electronics, we have secured expertise and accuracy in product design and engineering by approaching the scope of practical mass production and quality assurance.

  • Electronic Manufacturing Service

    Manufacturing technology and quality competitiveness accumulated through win-win cooperation with global electronics manufacturing companies enable us to respond best to the needs of various customers and markets.

    Novas EZ production system, basically following Delivery Response and Quality Indicator Single PPM, continues to create a competitive edge based on smart factories.

    The competitiveness of our electronic manufacturing service, which is specialized in small quantity batch production, responds swiftly to various demands and trends in the global market.

  • Digital Appliances

    We are manufacturing the main control module of home and commercial air conditioners, inverters, refrigerator electronic units, TV Function Board, standing air conditioner MCU Touch Board, washing machine control module, cleaner RF Function Module, etc.


    System that drives EHP through ESS at PEAK load time by charging battery using midnight power. As a system that satisfies the standards of safety test and performance test, it is connected with ‘integrated measuring board PMS(Power Management System)' which automatically records ESS operation data.