Key Leadership

Novas EZ is committed to realizing corporate social responsibility.

  • Business Philosophy & Core Values
    “Realizing corporate social responsibility

    by creating quality products and services”
  • Ethical compliance
    Keep transparency through fair competition and accurate

    accounting based on law and commercial ethics.
  • Organizational culture
    Create a sound organization atmosphere by drawing a line between

    public and private matters in business activities.
  • Respect for customers
    Strive to put customer satisfaction first, and

    improve the quality of life of employees
  • Environmental safety
    Pursue environment-friendly management

    and consider safety and health
  • Social responsibility
    Build the relationship of coexistence and

    coprosperity with partners as a corporate citizen
  • Organizational Culture
  • Rational and open organization

    culture based on communication
  • Active communication

    (mentoring system, CoP activities)
  • Business philosophy respecting

    individual employees
  • Smooth labor-management harmony

    (regular labor-management council meeting)