Manufacturing Production Standards

Manufacturing Production Standards

About Manufacturing Production Standards

  • Manufacturing Standard Managrment

    Total 13 different kinds of category

    Product Profiles

    Qualification Data

    Approval Data on Materials

    Approval Data on Vendors

    Circuit Diagram

    BOM and Part list

    Gerber Data

    2D and 3D Diagram

    SPL references

    Testing JiGs

    Production Procedures

    Changes History

    Micom Managrment

    Logistic Data / Packing Information

    Quality lssues

  • 00; DMS2.5 PV_20160108/

    00; Parts Q_20160308/

    01; Parts approval sheet/

    02; Business approval sheet/

    03; Circuit diagram/

    04; BOM(Partlist)/

    05; GERBER DATA/

    06; 2D, 3D floor plan/

    07; Limit Sample/

    08; JIG/

    09; Work operation sheet/

    10; Change point/

    11; MICOM/

    12; Weight information/

    13; Quality issue/