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About ESS + PMS

  • Development of charge and discharge PCS that can secure redundancy

    Parallel structure PCS to prevent system shut down due to Power Stack failure

    PCS applied to existing ESS consists of 2Stage structure composed of DC/DC converter and inverter.

    In case of the existing structure, if a part of the switching element of DC/DC converter and inverter breaks down, the entire ESS system of is shut down.

    In the case of DC/DC converter, secure ESS charge/discharge Redundancy through the development of converters that can be driven when there is a failure in some of the power switching element constituting converter

    Secure the redundancy of ESS charge/discharge PCS through system configuration that can cope with 50% output, in case of 1stack failure due to the parallel structure design of inverter

  • High efficiency and high quality power supply

    DC/DC converter reduces current ripple by using a 4-Leg method, and secures high efficiency of converter by reducing switching loss.

    Application of multilevel inverter for THD reduction of inverter connected with system.