Beyond Complexity

Smart Factory

About Smart Factory

Using the Internet of Things to establish Smart Processes


  • Smart product design with standards considering requirements of a smart factory
  • Call-offs steered by machines according to available capacity
  • Line and equipment balancing based on capacity, full flexibility on assembly sequences
  • Connected equipment fot predictive maitenance activities, smart sensors for real-time data
  • Trained operators with cross-functional skills


  • Fleet pooling for maximized utilization
  • No outbound warehouse for finished goods, mixed customer deliveries, autonomous fleet steering


  • Sales with insights into manufacturing storages and processec for real-time promotions based on availability at the plant
  • High flexibility on production planning with lot size of 1, 1:1 synchronized with customer orders
  • Auto Soldering
  • Auto Testing Platfrom
  • AGV
Improved productivity reduction and
poor working environment resulting
from a manual method of Soldering which is the main process of PCB Ass'yby, by applying Robots
Application of Auto Soldering Robot

Desk Top Robot

5 axis exclusive control of X, Y1, Y2, Z, θ

Soldering Unit and high-frequency exclusive tip /
Exclusive Jig design and application