Product Design + Design

About Product Design + Design

  • From a flexible and holistic point of view

    Engineering Through Approach
    With our overall and flexible approach, we work with our customers from the beginning to the end of their ' Product Engineering ' to create new value by combining market demand and our expertise.
  • Engineering Specialist
    Novas EZ has product design and engineering expertise in a variety of electronic and energy fields. Active support and value creation is available for a wide range of customer needs, such as electronics, mechanical engineering or software.
  • Electro-Electronic Engineering Capabilities
    Be familiar with the most demanding PCB design and programming issues, irrespective of digital and analog circuit design, and reflect the latest technologies and trends in the market. Our engineering expertise is not limited to certain areas.
  • l
    • Exact and reliable digital RF control module
    • Detailed and emotional Touch Switch Module
    • electronic control main module
    • inverter control module
    • Remote control and TV Function Board
    • ESS & PMS Platform
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      Mechanical Design
    • 3
      Circuit Design
    • 4
      Mock up
    • 5
      Mold / Injection
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    • 7
      Mass Product