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DC energy efficiency
Global R&D is underway with more than 20% higher energy efficiency than conventional commercialized AC power.
  • AC vs DC energy saving effect
    (Data center) Energy efficiency improvement of about 20% or more
    (DC Home) Energy efficiency improvement of about 20~30%
    (Interlinked distributed power supply) Improved energy efficiency of about 5~14%. 5% loss reduction by connecting with solar energy, 14% energy saving by adding ESS
  • Government Energy Policy Trends
    The government announced a construction plan of HVDC backbone network and DC power distribution among 17 technologies development for the early realization of the future high-efficiency society(’14. 4. 29).
    Recently, LVDC (Low Voltage DC) is being newly attracted along with HVDC.
We’re discovering new global markets for DC

energy efficiency and ease of use.
ABB Nupharo Park(Switzerland) - DCMG
Bosch DC Micro Grid Project(Germany)
KEPCO "Geochado" Independent Island DCMG
1. Hybrid power generation in combination with diesel generator, PV wind and ESS
2. Demonstration of LVDC power distribution channel, and development of element equipment
3. Experiment on the construction of street lamp and DC home
  • Total DCMG Platform
  • Product Specifications
  • Global Target Market
  • Essential 필수 DCMG
  • PV Capacity


    ESS Capacity


    DC Appliance

    LED 조명 + 선풍기 + 식수모터

  • Small town
    Small factory and building
    Developing countries’ Elementary / Middle / High Schools
    Platoon performing conduct of operations
  • Standard 표준 DCMG
  • PV Capacity


    ESS Capacity


    DC Appliance

    ED + 냉장고 + PC + 충전

  • Group village
    Small industrial complex
    Small(private) medical institution
    Vocational school and college
  • Large Scale 대규모 DCMG
  • PV Capacity


    ESS Capacity


    DC Appliance

    SD + TV + 통신망 + HVAC

  • Large hospital
    Large industrial complex
    Large apartment and housing complex
    National and private university

Stand-alone DC + ESS

Construct small stand-alone DC power and
ESS Platform with excellent price competitiveness
  • Multi Converter
    Solar Power & ESS Connection Converter
  • Energy Simulation
    Environmental Conditions / Price /

    Efficiency Condition, Optimization Simulation

    Tool Operation
  • DC Power Converter
    Power booster for

    DC appliances
  • DC Plug and Outlet Converter
    DC appliance connection plug
  • DC arc detector
    Arc detection and circuit breaker

    for system safety
  • Solar power generation
    High efficient solar power system
  • Energy storage (ESS)
    Economical ESS
  • DC appliance
    Super power saving DC appliance